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Whatsapp Status Attitude Boy share chat status video WhatsApp Status

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Wоnder  WhаtsАрр  stаtus  Wоnderful,  Аmаzing  WhаtsАрр  stаtus  аmаzing,  Рrаsenjeet  Meshrаm  


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  1. I've stopped talking to people who think I've made sense
  2. Ignore my mistakes. There is nothing you can do
  3. We don't understand Devdas by having a beard, having a beard is our style.
  4. Often the same people point fingers at us, who have no right to touch us.
  5. There are a lot of sellers here, go and buy, we don't get lucky with the price.
  6. Brother #I have given the right to speak, #only to friends.
  7. Having no girlfriends doesn't mean we aren't smart. How is it that the girl looks at us and rejects herself ..
  8. If someone blows with love you will be extinguished, through hatred, big storms are extinguished to extinguish me !!
  9. every today we like to play a losing game because we rely on ourselves more than luck
  10. Hey you take a picture of your attic and sell it to OLS because we don't like the old thing
  11. No need for stars, no need for unnecessary needs,
  12. Friends like us, who will give thousands of watts !!
  13. It is not necessary to remain good in the eyes of everyone, the joy of knocking in the eyes of some people is something else.
  14. No time for nobility, sir, if you apologize, people start to feel weak.
  15. AττiTυdΣ is also dangerous for himself, who forgets if he forgets, then remember the same word Woo U Ho? … !!
  16. What he likes is that he has to change himself to like it.
  17. I'm that weird thing i'm intoxicated if i look up
  18. First I thought I was good, then I zoomed in and looked at myself, then I realized I was great ??
  19. Is this my little dream that you don't ask me to make bread?
  20. He who does not trust me has no need in my life
  21. I am just innocent in my language
  22. Your attitude is screaming in front of me because my smile is more killer ??
  23. I'm in a bit of a mood, I'm fine too, but don't you understand that I'm a bully ??
  24. My style, my attitude, my passion is out of your place, the day you know it, the day you move on to life?
  25. I don't need makeup because my smile makes me love ??
  26. This is the desire of life, you believe all my words and I am not yours too ????
  27. The watch on the hand is bound to someone, but the time should be yours?
  28. If you're not with me, it doesn't matter, the princess cried for you, don't you?
  29. Can't the one with a heart afford this bride?
  30. Beautiful and stylish status for girls
  31. I'm a cool girl what will you hear me if i don't listen to you ???
  32. It's just their business.
  33. He said that this enmity will cost you a lot. I also said that it is cheap, I don't even apply mascara?
  34. Both my thinking and my identity are out of your position ???
  35. Whether the weather is cold or the tone didn't make me both ???
  36. Even today I am alone, my luck is bad, "not mine, boy". To date no impressions have been able to make it work?
  37. You are not so sweet, just my desire has put you on the head?
  38. No one dies without someone. Peace be upon those who come and God knows best.
  39. Don't worry, I'm heartbroken. Will you leave me? I'll leave you.
  40. If I wish, you could call me and tell me four things, but now you are not worthy of my wrath.
  41. We will burn the world and we will burn it. Our first enemy was that we would do more.
  42. You are liars, you don't seem to be true.
  43. One Line Attitude WhatsApp status in Hindi
  44. We are the only people, sir, we do not go to Bhandara on history.
  45. Always keep a distance when meeting adults, where the river is not a river found by sea.
  46. Strong and strong, slow forming.
  47. Everyone says, tell me how the borough is, so listen, I bid to see, but the gun is a bullet.
  48. The status of Hindi attitude for a girl
  49. People use weapons to hurt me, a smile is enough.
  50. As crazy as your salary is, it's my pocket money.
  51. I am not your hobby, you say you are mine, I am accustomed to living in every heart.
  52. Don't think me stupid, 36 of you are just like me.
  53. One-line behavior status for WhatsApp
  54. Let's smile a little today, without a match, let's burn some people.
  55. We cannot end it, we have no power in the world, we own the world.
  56. The ferment of blood is still active, the world is not the passion of our hobbies but the passion of attitude.
  57. Some people are jealous of my stumbling block. They say that this person has advanced in the experiment.
  58. Status of behavior in Hindi for girl and boy
  59. Main cheese real, you fake notes more than your body, my DP is hot.
  60. AττiTυdΣ is also dangerous for itself, which is forgotten SO is forgotten, then the same word is remembered, Wнo R U.
  61. The girl's laughter and the dog's silence should never be trusted.
  62. Hey, take a picture of your attic and sell it to OLS, because we don't like the old thing.
  63. The status of love in Hindi for Facebook
  64. What will you get by killing me, we are going to die on you anyway.
  65. The world also listens quietly, but first raise it out loud

Status About Attitude

  1. We are so romantic that when we take a moment, mobile hands ... it gets hot too.
  2. "Do not be afraid, be afraid, remind the person of what he has forgotten."
  3. Friends, my cigarettes are better than friendship
  4. Those who start their lives with the lips,
  5. And in my fun they break their own hands.
  6. The people who complain about me being interested in myself; why did they forget that I learned this act only from them.
  7. I can not prove myself good to everyone .... I am valuable to those who understand me
  8. Applying this thing to my fame, they greet me as you greet!
  9. That's enough to understand my mood, I'm not sure what anyone has!
  10. Time is essential, today is yours, then fly, if you have tomorrow we will blow it.
  11. Believe in being a good person though
  12. Make it valuable
  13. Do not waste time.'

Attitude Status For Boys

whatsapp status attitude boy in english
  1. Take the risk! Life is a danger. The person who stands out the most is usually the one who is interested in karma and courage
  2. Even if the side tree is watered with milk and ghee, it does not sweeten the side tree. Similarly, when an evil person gains some knowledge, he does not give up his evil.
  3. Do not talk about the situation, Pugli, the girls in the street where we walk, often say, 'That daf flower is in love !!
  4. If you're angry a thousand times, I'll like you
  5. Seen in love, however, should not be another person.
  6. Let it be exactly as it is on your face.
  7. This moon looks amazing in 7 clouds.
  8. She does not ask for well-being; she always gets news
  9. I have heard; he keeps an eye on me.
  10. No matter how much diet you do, you will not lose weight unless you stop eating.
  11. Linen missed.
  12. Well, I'm still yours today
  13. Do not speak in the corner behind my back. Otherwise, the whole life is spent in crying.
  14. It is important to have love in your heart, otherwise remember enemies do it every day.
  15. When a gun is fired and my speech goes off ... the girls come in our guns, not in our words

Attitude Status in English

  1. I envy my parents for never having such a cool child.
  2.  I do not care about attitudes and I am a person you do not pack.
  3.  We are all born dead, we do not feel special.
  4.  I hate math, but I love counting money.
  5.  Life is very short. Do not waste reading my WhatsApp status.
  6.  Land without "art" is just "Yu".
  7.  I'm very good at sleeping, I can play it with my eyes
  8. God is the Creator, look at me.
  9.  I speak my mind. I have nothing to say.
  10.  This morning, while I was driving a Ferrari, the alarm went off.
  11.  I do not care what people say or do about me, and I was not born on earth to please everyone.
  12.  I stopped fighting the monsters inside me. We are now on the same page.
  13.  Math the fire and solve your problem. I'm tired of answering them for you.
  14.  I do not need a hairdresser and my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.
  15.  Yesterday I did nothing and today I finished yesterday.
  16.  I need six months off twice a year.
  17.  I talk to myself because I want to talk to better people.
  18.  I need Google in my mind.
  19.  I like hanging out with people who forget to look at my phone.
  20.  I found a recipe for fun. Can someone send me money to buy something?
  21.  I did not start anything and I still have a lot.

Whatsapp Status Attitude Boy in English

whatsapp status attitude boy in english

  • I used to walk a little with my daily routine,I remember my burden was with me.
  • Come to earth and see what is important to us,Height is never estimated from height.
  • There is a big difference between you and our training
  • You learned from the boss, and we learned from the circumstances.
  • I'm back to the rules, if anything,Those who walk with me do not even get food.
  • Will let you know the limits at the right time,Some ponds consider themselves in the ocean.
  • Thank you for making me sad,Rising fingers make me famous.
  • Who knows what you should read in the new year,Your mayor changes like Nisabs
  • Although I was beaten and accepted,I don't give a chance to people who cheat.
  • Don't ignore us as poets,If we go back to the beauty market, there will be a decline.
  • I remember meeting peoplemEven though I forgot the story, I still remember the accent.

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crying is the only way your eyes
speaks when your mouth can’t
explain how things made your heartbroken





if you're absent during my struggledon't expect to be present during my success. ~ Will Smith.

[ 100 ]share chat status video WhatsApp Status

Time is more value than moneyYou can get more moneybut you cannot get more time

[ 100 ]share chat status video WhatsApp Status

 Vahi Hamare Kaabil Na Tha Dosto, Varna, Mohabbat Ki Kya Aukaat Jo Hame Thukara De

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