Best Cute Love Status for Whatsapp in English - love Status

Best Cute Love Status for Whatsapp in English
Best Cute Love Status for Whatsapp in English

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I love status

Best Cute Love Status

  1. Whenever she used to come to meet, time used to double!
  2.  I had loved as much as my life, I have done everything with you.
  3.  Keep sitting in front, the heart will come to an agreement, the more you see, the more you will love.
  4. Heart overcomes the beats, O heart, still bowed down, their smile is still left…
  5. You love me so much, you can't even say what you understand, do you…
You will have my Noor in your face.
Then you will never be away from me.
Think what happiness will get, that moment.
The moment you are in my demand.
The name will be vermilion.

Love status

The love that is in your heart !!
Get him on Juwan and make a statement !!
Today you just say it and keep saying !!
We just listened to this speech !!

Status about lover

You will definitely smile if given together !!
If you do love from the heart, you will definitely fulfill it !!
No matter how thorn in the path !!
If you give voice from the heart then you will definitely come !!

love in status

Has only to get you !!
No more happiness is crazy!
Shikwa, I do not belong to you.
What did you need to make you so beautiful !!

lovable WhatsApp status

1.No maniac would be so crazy,
As much as I am mad for you -

2.🍂 There is no name of the relationship of the heart, 
it is believed that it does not have any consequences, 
if there is a desire to fulfill it on both sides,
 then no relationship with the swear will fail.

3.Asked who will love them for how long?
Put your hand on my heart,
It will explode till

4. Love is also strange,
 no matter how much it hurts,
 but peace is found near it.

5.Try not to say a lot of Raj-e-Mohabbat.
But where was it possible that

6.There should be fire and no smoke.
 Whoever is intoxicated is bound to kill them.

Cute love status in English

You too turned unfaithful like a mirror.
Whatever came in front of him.

Suddenly we cry while laughing
The pain that he gave us is so deep.

Your memories, your words, are only yours, yes, 
I confess that we are crazy about you...

Write down, my next birth in his name.
A God ... In this birth, love has fallen a bit.

Smile so much in life smile

Time, truth, wealth, and body may not support it…
but nature, understanding, and true relationships always support….

Status love

We have wanted you more since that day, 
since you came to know that you do not want to be our ...
There is no one in the world.
Make a relationship, no one is yours ...
Where it is not possible for us to live, 

It is inevitable to live there... 
whether it is someone's house or someone's heart.
It is acceptable to stay single, 
but it is not acceptable to play with anyone for your fun and time pass.
Best Cute Love Status

Love status

We do not need to tell you once, 
you leave your world?

Living with all the wounds, 
one day I will get one who knows how to apply ointment

When I die, millions are going to cry, 
the search is for those who die from my crying !!

Keep your price as much as you can, 
if you are precious then you will be lonely.

Moisture is very important in every relationship, 
even if the sand is dry, it slips from the hands.

How strange is the sadness that passes on itself, 
then it seems true that the drama has been spent on others?

My silence does not matter to anyone and if 
I say two words in the complaint, they get irritated.

They are afraid that we cannot die for them, 
and I am afraid that they will cry a lot after trying me ...

Situation A life teaches wisdom, 
otherwise, who does not like childishness!

No matter where you get out of the mind, no jarring is found ... 
no one gets an eye from anyone, no one gets an eye ...

I have to read a lot of thinking now before opening my mouth 
because now the world plays a relationship not with the heart but with the mind

He was smiling lying to us, we were also smiling because 
he did not know he was falling from my eyes.

 Whoever accepts his defeat for the happiness of others…
 no one can ever win from that.
 I like everything but you like it unhappily

 You have something in relation to me, 
otherwise, I do not remember so much.
Trust, dua, Wafa, khwab, mana, Mohabbat, 
how many names are limited to just one "you".
The words were only three and a half, 
sometimes they became 'love' and sometimes 'dream' ........

Love falls suddenly, 
whatever is the intention, it is called setting ..
I have to read a lot of thinking now before opening my mouth
 because now the world plays a relationship not with the heart but with the mind

 Be so busy in life that you don't get time for pain

We are not wrong all the time... 
There are no words, which can prove us right.

If there is happiness in your heart while helping others,
the service is the same as everything else.

Do not know what kind of love we are having
Nobody respects anyone's feelings here ... 
Everyone is concerned about the meaning of the meaning.
"I also love the place where 
I sit and think of you

Didn't see anyone after you, 
hobby was of love and not of loafing.

Real love status in English

Would you like to know how I see my love for you? 
Well, I classify it as a tour. It begins forever and never ends in this life.

The common denominator is that you are bound by alcohol and love, 
that is: you no longer control what you do.

No matter what you do or wherever you go, the important thing is, 
“Let my love be with you everywhere on the earth.

Not what I feel about you;
I feel no one but you.

You are what I want in my life.

It is truly based on respect, 
compromise, care, and trust.

The good things in life are better than yours.

Small thinking gives birth to doubts
While thinking big about the solution.

Keep your #Muskurahat under control,
Dil a #Nadan kahin hai #saheed na.

Some said that the world runs with love, 
some said that the world runs with friendship, 
but when we tried it, this world runs with meaning.

When a person starts succeeding,
Then humans are not happy,
Rather they start burning.

True love is not based on love, 
candlelight dinners and beach walks.

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