English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS

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English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS

English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp, FB STATUS

 Find a list of the best love situations and quotes you can share with your loved ones, lines, and quotes that make you feel special. So, don't waste your time, check the best conditions of love now.

English Love Status
  •  I met him once and made him think many times.I think many times now,Will we meet at least once.
  • I do not know what magic did not understand at all.
  • "By far. Your hug is close!
  • Don't love too much, don't worry too much, don't trust too much; Because too much can hurt you too much.

  • When the heartbeats, the mind can do nothing !! ❤ ❤
  • I will not deny that I do not like it. I do not accept it. 😛
  • I will always love you to the end! It doesn't matter what you do! Because you are mine forever! And you don't do anything to stop loving me
  • Dedicate your time and energy to someone who will give your sun rays. Life is too short to waste what is wrong.

  • True love is when he speaks non-stop and you are still interested in listening.
  • Don't love too much, don't worry too much, don't trust too much; Because too much can hurt you too much.
  • I don't know if I love you or I love you, I want you or I need you, all I know is that I love the feeling I get when I'm close to you.

  • Everyone thinks that love hurts .. but love never hurts .. rejection hurts .. loneliness hurts .. love is the only emotion that covers all the pain.

  • We accept the love that we think we deserve.

Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS

English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS
  • My real smile comes when I'm with you
  • Love + trust + sincerity = long-term relationship.
  • Love is another name to respect, if you can't respect the person you love, then you don't deserve love
  • Remembering true love is like a favorite song, no matter how many times it is repeated, it will never lift you up.
  • When Facebook always asks me what I mean, I hate it because it’s always you. And I don't want to share this with you. ♥
  • Man, you're so glad you are. So take a step back, behave properly, otherwise you won't need it for long.
  • I have an old phone, but I take the connection seriously.
  • No one is ever easy to express their feelings.

Love doesn't think that
What does the beloved think?

The fun of love is then
When the beloved meets Muharram bin
English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS

love statuses

  1. I am jealous of my parents, I will never have a beautiful child like them.
  2.   I don't have behavioral problems and I have someone you can't deal with.
  3.   We are all born to die, we do not feel more special than I do.
  4.   I don't like math, but I like counting money.
  5.   Life is too short. Do not delete it by reading my WhatsApp status.
  6.   It's just a land of art.
  7.   I get a good night's sleep, I can do this with my eyes closed
  8. God of creation; Look at me
  9.   I said your thoughts. I don't care what I say.
  10.   I was driving my Ferrari this morning when the alarm went off.
  11.   I mean what people say or do about me, and I wasn't born to please everyone on this earth.
English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS

  1.     I don't need a hairstylist and give me a new hairstyle every morning.
  2.     Yesterday I did nothing, and today I am accomplishing what I did yesterday.
  3.     I really need to be on vacation for 2 months 6 months in a year.
  4.     I talk to myself because I like to communicate with a better class of people.
  5.     I should keep Google in mind.
  6.     I like hanging out with people who forget to look at my phone.
  7.     I found the recipe happy. Can someone send me money to buy things?
  8.     I haven't started anything, and I still have a lot.

English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS
  1. Thank you so much for being in my life, dear. I love you so much; Hello.
  2. Hello to the one who keeps the most important thing in my life. I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow, honey.
  3. Hello beautiful woman. I don’t mind starting my day without thinking about you. Have a good day!
  4. Every morning I woke up feeling that it was me and that I was not happy. Have a nice and happy day, my beautiful.
  5. Thank you for enjoying each morning, my dear. I love you for the moon and back. Hello, good day ahead.
  6. Hello dear. A beautiful day awaits you. Open your eyes and see the beauty of the creatures around you.
  7. Wake up and welcome back to a good morning in your life. I know today that you will shine like the stars like any other day. Hello dear!
  8. Wake up and smile to see that this day is bright and beautiful for me. Hi!
  9. I hope you slept well. Please wake up now because my morning is not complete without you. Hello dear!
  10. Today I woke up with your thoughts in my mind. I miss you so much because I don’t want to enjoy this amazing day without you. Eirich!
  11. The call to wake up is the first thought in my mind every morning. I love you so much. Hi!
  12. Hello dear
  13. If you are still asleep I know I have a bad future here without you. Try to get up early. Hi!
  14. I no longer dream of going to heaven because I have it in my life. Thank you for making my life part of the climate on earth. Hello dear!
  15. I hope you slept like a queen last night. Now try to wake up like a star and take over my world one day! Hi!
  16. I love the way you explain it well to me when I’m with you. Thank you for making my life easier, dear ones. Hello, it's been a while.
  17. Welcome to a new day full of laughter and lots of opportunities. I hope you find what you are looking for. Good day ahead.
English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS
  • The love and caThere is nothing more important than a mother's love for her family.
  • No matter how big the house is, one thing that matters is a lot of love for our family that we do not do at home but at home.
  • With love, every family can turn their home into a home.
  • The only love of my family is the light that shines in the darkness of my life.
  • Home is the only place to protect your privacy.
  • re of my family make me love and care for them.
  • The indifference of my family made me proud and lived with pride
  • I also want to thank you every time I am with my family with love and kindness.
  • A family is like a big tree on which your grandparents are rooted, parents have branches, and you and your family are the sweet fruits of that tree that grow in love.
  • I like to plant in the love of my family.
  • Family time is the most important thing to forget about time.
  • All you need and need in life is the love of your family.
  • Long-term family love does not stop because it does not change.
  • The house is like an imperfect pot in which there is no true love.
  • The greatest blessing of life is to have a family in the last spirit.
English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS

English Love Status & Quotes in English for WhatsApp,FB STATUS

  1. Do not even try to measure your family's love. There will be no similar formula.
  2. Family is the only place where anyone asks your sincerity to love you unconditionally.
  3. Couples rates, couples rates of good love
  4. Every member of the family has flaws and weaknesses, but the love unites them.
  5. When you hate yourself, there will be some people who will still love you ... your family.
  6. The Almighty is thankful for his great blessings.
  7. Family love is a cheap gift in our lives.
  8. Family love is the most important kind of love that can last forever.
  9. I am lucky to have a family and bless it with unconditional love.
  10. When you feel alone and think no one will support you, your family will never stand up for you.
  11. My family loves me so much for healing all my worries.
  12. One day the whole world may stand against you, but your family will be with you.
  13. Addresses status flight
  14. 4.family_love_words
  15. Love is a precious feeling, and when it comes from family members, it becomes more precious.
  16. Your family will always be with you at every stage of your life.
  17. Do not let your family divorce because of boredom.
  18. I am blessed with a crazy family that loves me more than anyone or anything in the world.
  19. Quotes About Family Love
  20. When we hear of love, we think of the long journey of love, the luxury of candlelight or the lovely moments of love, but do we ever think of our family?
  21. Love your family that can make a fat day into a happy day.

Quotes About Family Love

  1. The love of your family is so strong that it can solve all your problems.
  2. She is happy to be united in the blessings of a loving family.
  3. I always appreciate the feeling of being loved by my family.
  4. The whole world can wait. Your family should be first on your list.
  5. Only the family can find the most reliable love and doubt.

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